Why I like to be alone

I like to be alone because it allows me to think and enjoy the quiet and security of not having to speak or make a sound. Being alone gives me a chance to recharge. Being in solitude allows me to explore and pursue my interests.


Swimming, to me, is a great way to be alone. Because in the water, you can’t speak to anyone. Your only focus is to go back and forth with a certain goal in mind. The sounds of water are really calming and I feel right at home when I swim. As I swim, my head is free of thoughts and it’s stress relieving.


Music has always been a way for me to recharge and focus. Without music, I don’t know how I would get through my day. I listen to music at least once every day. Whenever I have had a bad day or just need some alone time, I listen to music. Sometimes, lyrics understand us more than people. And I think that’s another part to why I like being alone. People can’t always “understand” us and when we feel misunderstood, music helps.


My room is one of my favorite places to be when I want to be alone. It is a place I know well and I am comfortable in. I can do everything that I want to do in it. And whenever I don’t want to, I can just curl up in my bed and sleep.


The mountains are another place I like to be. The cold, sharp air is stress relieving. And I like it, especially in the mornings. Because that’s when fog surrounds the mountain and the temperature is cool. The morning dew accentuates the smell of cedar and pine, which are some of my favorite scents. The mountains are quiet and peaceful. The familiar smells and noises are why I like mountains.


The sea is my final place I like to be when I want to be alone. The briny smell of the sea is soothing and the wind blocks out the sounds of the city. Instead, the crashes of waves fill my ears. With the wind and the sound of the sea, I like listening to the waves crashing. I can just enjoy the view of the sea as the rhythmic waves drift up and down the shore.